Baron Guava Concentrate 26oz

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The essence of the Caribbean! Sun-kissed tropical guava has been carefully prepared to produce this delectable drink, the flavors of the Caribbean right at your fingertips! Just add one part concentrate to four parts water for a refreshing tropical drink or use as a base for your fruit/rum punches, cocktails and cordials. Use as a topping on sundaes, ice cream and other desserts.

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1 Review

Tripletstwins Jun 22nd 2016

Not as Great as It used too

I had purchased this twice before at the store and them they stop selling it. It took a lot of time to find it in the web finally was so happy to being able to get it and to my surprise is just sugar with some color I gave it 3 stars because I had try many brands many and at least this one is ok I can eat it not as much but ok.

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