Baron Banana Ketchup

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Baron Banana Ketchup is truly an unorthodox product with an exotic tropical flavor. Wholesome St. Lucian bananas are carefully selected and processed with a combination of spices to create this truly tropical blend. Great with fries, bar-b-que or with applications as with traditional Tomato Ketchup.

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3 Reviews

Oct 6th 2020

One taste takes me to the islands

I fell in love with banana ketchup years ago. I have not been able to find it in the US. I was thrilled to find Trin-Jam on-line. The product was packed beautifully, each bottle carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. I purchased 10 bottles to give away for Christmas - saving 2 for myself.

Sep 15th 2020

a taste of St. Lucia

This is a fantastic compliment to any dish that you would normally use tomato ketchup. It definitely brought back fond memories of a St. Lucia visit! Thanks to TrinJam for bringing it to us!

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